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Weekly Updates / Summaries

Wednesday, January 28, 2015 at 06:59
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Weekly Updates / SummariesThe Total Chaos Club is currently offering two weekly emails. These are designed to keep you updated with summaries of the most compelling articles of the week.

With your subscription (to either) you'll receive our special free bonus. A copy of the new book by Mark Thorne (introduction by Glen Lee Roberts). The free bonus is in PDF format and you'll be emailed complete details on downloading it after you confirm your subscription. There is no registration required for the download.


These reports are the hard hitting analyzes of news events targeting South American and the world from a free market perspective. Don't miss the vision of M. Thorne.

Total Chaos Club Weekly Update

We've always been taught that civilization is what keeps the world from experiencing total chaos. However, we believe that despite civilizations best efforts, we are in fact now living in a state of total chaos. Keep up to date on the latest insanity of the world.

Professionally managed by Mad Mimi

Our weekly emails are professionally managed by Mad Mimi. That means you can subscribe and unsubscribe anytime. It means you have to confirm your subscription. It means no unwanted emails.

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Freedom to express that I don't like it!

Wednesday, January 28, 2015 at 09:37
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I freely express my opinion that I feel freedom of expression is overrated! While it's great that we live in a society where you have the freedom to tell anyone and everyone who will listen your opinions, I think it's a dangerous platform to allow anyone, who feels passionately about something, to have full access to voicing their opinions. Freedom of expression gives people the right to share their opinions without interference and to find information and to share that information through any source of media. This, to me is scary. Especially when I have children, who are influenced by who they see and what they hear. I think that there should be boundaries and regulations, when it comes to voicing ideas and opinions through public channels. This is how I feel, but what do I know. . .


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The importance of free expression

Wednesday, January 28, 2015 at 13:38
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It's very important that people continue to have sources and outlets to express their opinion freely and without constrictions. It is the foundation of the United States. When people lose their right to express their individual opinion then we are truly lost as a society. Don't ever let anyone take that right away from you.


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When Freedoms leads to Violence

Thursday, January 29, 2015 at 08:02
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Freedom of expression is a great thing, but what happens when that same freedom incites violence? Where do we draw the line as to what is freedom of speech or just plain hate speech. The protest that are happening now with "Charlie" is a great example of that. Why do make fun of something that is so sacred so someone else? The media is not being told not to criticize Islam, but at least don't make fun of Mohammad. Sadly this is just the beginning of this topic, but hopefully it can open some good insightful conversations.

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